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Essence gel nail polish

Essence gel nail polish is in the centre of today’s blog post. I got these three gel-look polishes from Wilko website for a ‘whopping’ £0.50 each! Bargain or what!?!

First off, they are called the ‘GEL nail polish’ but they are just normal nail polishes and not the gel polishes you need to cure in a UV or LED lamp.

I stumbled upon the sale while reading Pocket Money Polishes blog post about Essence nail art. She mentioned that some of the polishes were on sale and I thought I might as well grab a bargain. I ordered the polishes to my local Wilko to pick up so I didn’t even have to pay for postage.

In addition, not long before that I created the back to school nail art look and found that I don’t have enough yellow nail polishes in my collection.

Essence gel nail polish

All three nail polishes came with a nice thick brush that I really like.

Formulas were fine, nicely opaque but slightly patchy at times.

On the swatches I am wearing two coats of each polish with no top coat.

Drying time was slow to medium, I would recommend using a fast try top coat with these polishes.

Essence Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine is a warm yellow polish with matte pearl finish. I am not sure why is a matte polish in a gel nail polish collection. Usually gel collections consist polishes that offer a very glossy finish…

Nevertheless it’s a nice looking polish and very yellow… So yellow that I probably would not wear it on it’s own but I can see myself using it for some nail art looks. Like Minions or Sponge Bob lol.

essence-gel-nail-polish (6)

essence-gel-nail-polish (5)

essence-gel-nail-polish (9)

Essence Brazil Jungle

Brazil Jungle is a light green polish with creme finish.

essence-gel-nail-polish (11)

essence-gel-nail-polish (10)

essence-gel-nail-polish (15)

Essence Indigo To Go

Indigo To Go is a purple polish with creme/crelly finish. It’s my favourite from the lot! So juicy and reminds me of OPI Push & Pur-Pull (see swatch here) but with a better formula and a nice glossy finish. It is a bit darker in natural light.

essence-gel-nail-polish (1000)

essence-gel-nail-polish (18)

essence-gel-nail-polish (1)

I also had a little go with water marbling as the formulas seemed good for it. It didn’t turn out perfect but pretty decent considering I’m not the best water marble’r in town.

essence-gel-nail-polish (3)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Frida & Edith

    BRB, off to Wilkos!

    I’ve had some essence polishes before and quite liked them but I wasn’t sure if these “gel” ones were actually gel or not. They do sell a UV range and the display seemed to suggest these needed to be used with the ranges base coat and topcoat. Theres a really nice teal one that caught my eye but the word gel scared me off! Point of sale fail, essence.

    Your photos are great and I love that watermarbling!

    • A.J.

      Thank you, I too found that 'gel' word being used very confusing. They probably didn't think it trough properly as usually normal polishes state gel- look or something like that but these say 'the gel nail polish' and nothing on the bottle said that you don't need a lamp. On the website it states that no UV lamp needed but it can be very confusing in the shop as you said.

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