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Models Own Banana Split feat. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Hello, happy Friday! Today I am showing you some crazy nail art of Courage the Cowardly Dog and a quick swatch of Models Own Banana Split which I used as a base.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a creepy cartoon known from the Cartoon Network. I remember watching it but I don’t think I ever quite understood/enjoyed the whole thing. I think watching it as a grown-up might turn out to be a lot more fun than as a child :) I have to check if it’s on Netflix :D



As of polishes I used Models Own Banana Split as a base (scroll down for a swatch). For Courage I used Models Own Strawberry Tart as the colour of the body and added details with acrylic paints. For the monsters I used mostly acrylic paints. I topped it all with Rimmel London Pro Matte top coat.

On the swatches below I am wearing three coats of Banana Split, a lovely pastel yellow colour with creme finish, and top coat. Similarly to Apple Pie (reviewed yesterday) this polish has a sweet scent which I really love :)



Thanks for checking out my Models Own Banana Split swatches featuring Courage the Cowardly Dog. Hope it was fun to see a bit more detailed nail art for a change :D xoxox

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  1. Robin

    Banana Split looks so lovely! It’s a very nice pastel yellow :) Courage looks amazing! I never really watched the show when I was younger because I didn’t like the drawing style (I was a firm believer that animals should be drawn as cute as possible haha) but these look so great on your nails! I can appreciate the non-typical cuteness of Courage now ;)
    I wasn’t sure who the character on your pinky was, but she reminded me of an eggplant and I googled it and yes, it’s an eggplant! Marvelous!

  2. Mina

    These were awesome to see!!! Loved the adorable pastel yellow you swatched and you couldn’t have picked a better background to the fab nail art. And as for the nail art… ahhh! you did such a great job, your nails look beyond amazing! Love, love, love!
    As for the cartoon itself, I also never paid much attention to these when I was younger (same is to be said about Cow & Chicken, Ren & Stimpy, etc.) but I still stick to that – I don’t quite like them much nowadays either ;) too much idiotic nonsense for me, I think – or maybe I just don’t get the kind of humour ;)
    Mina recently posted…It’s An Emergency!My Profile

  3. Emily Nailsxo

    This is some awesome nail art! I love it when you do drawings on your nails, you are so good at it! The base coat is also gorgeous, I don’t own any colours like that xx
    Emily Nailsxo recently posted…Poolside Holiday Nails 2014My Profile

  4. Emily Nailsxo

    Oh I also wanted to ask, what nail brushes do you use :D?

    • A.J.

      Haha I use so many different ones but for the smallest details I have cut a normal cheap nail art brush into a very thin one (literally like only 5 bristles left lol) but as of other brands I also use Kolinsky size 0 and 2 brushes which are good.

  5. Hannah

    oh my gosh, these are amazing. And that cartoon was kind of creepy!

  6. MO

    This is amazing! Your nail art is so awesome. I love the characters in this although never watched the cartoon (off I go to google it).
    Banana Split is my favourite yellow polish x

  7. Jessica

    Dang, this is AWESOME!! I’m in serious awe of your skillz! :)

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