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MUA Pistachio Ice Cream review

Hi there, today I have a MUA Pistachio Ice Cream review for you. I was over the moon when I FINALLY saw one in Superdrug and bought it right away. I have been after the beautiful mint shade since it first came out and I am glad I got it.

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch (1) MUA Pistachio Ice Cream.

This is a beautiful pale minty green shade with a lovely creme finish. It was really easy to apply and achieved good coverage with just 2 coats of polish. The brush is tiny, as is the polish bottle, so it would probably take more than one dip in the polish to cover a longer nail.

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch (2)

Overall the polish has a very good formula and dries well. The only downside with this polish is the super tiny 6 ml bottle, I would totally pay more for a nice big bottle full of Pistachio Ice Cream :)

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch (3)Sincero D1.

As you all know I recently arrived from a vacation in Estonia. While there I bought few local nail polishes. The one I’m using here is called Sincero and the polish name is a simple D1. I bought it from a local cheapish supermarket called MAXIMA while grocery shopping. There was pretty big selection of glitters from this brand and I decided to go for the lovely silver holo glitter. These glitter bits are just amazingly shiny in the sun! I was pretty amazed with the beautiful finish for a 1something Euro polish.

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch (4)

Thanks for reading, I hope that my MUA Pistachio Ice Cream review has been useful to you! It’s totally worth the £1 and you can buy it in store from your local Superdrug or online at Superdrug and MUA websites.

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  1. Popping Nails

    Is it not just me then that can't find this in any Superdurg? It was never in stock in any store so I gave up in the end and went for something else and it seemed as though everyone else in the world could easily find it. It sounds as though you may have had this same problem though? :D

    • Nail_Lacquer

      Oh yeah seriously it was MONTHS ago when I first saw it and foolishly didn't buy it, then going back to get it, it was gone and I wasn't even able to get it online! However, this weekend my local Superdrug had like almost 10 in so I guess they have had like a new batch or something :D
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  2. Nice, the packaging of these looks like Essie packaging!
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