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Hello and happy Friday!!! I have finally had some time to do a bit of nail art! It being Easter soon I decided to do bunny nail art! In addition the the nail art bunny I decided to paint one on a piece of paper. Whereas I have always been a little bit of crafty I have never been too keen on painting, not sure where I got the mood to paint today :P

For the base I created a water marble using Barry M polishes from the Spring 2014 Gelly and Silk collections. I wanted to see how the different finishes would look in a water marble, they looked rather cool but very plain. I then added some yellow dots with Nails Inc. Belsize Park to give the base a bit more colour.

bunny-nail-art (8)

bunny-nail-art (11)

bunny-nail-art (7)

bunny-nail-art (5)

As of the detailed nail art I used Reeves black and white acrylic paints for the bunny body and China Glaze Shocking Pink for the pink details. I topped it all up with Poshe top coat. As usually, I repeated it all on my right hand :)

bunny-nail-art (6)

bunny-nail-art (2)

Here’s how the bunny drawing ended up:

bunny-nail-art (9)

bunny-nail-art (4)

bunny-nail-art (3)

I am probably too lazy to paint a background but I think it makes a cute Easter card, if I pull myself together I might even write Happy Easter on the bottom :P

Thanks for checking out my bunny nail art & painting and let me know what you think! xoxox


Here is the finished painting:


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  1. Lisa

    He / she’s gorgeous :) I’ve been tempted to transfer some of my nail art to paper but I just don’t have the room at the moment. It’s certainly something I will try out in the future though :)
    Lisa recently posted…Picture Polish “Illusion”, plus some nail art & ramblingsMy Profile

    • A.J.

      You should, it's nice to have something that lasts longer than nails :D

  2. Mina

    Okay, I just died from cuteness overload and it’s all your faul and this lil’ buddy’s here!

    No.1 this is probably the cuteste non-Easter Easter design I’ve seen (I always get annoyed at the same ol’ bunny and eggs designs)

    No.2 you should definitely paint more often, ’cause you’re just that good at it! I wish! :)

    To finish it all! LOVE the mani, LOVE the future-to-be-Easter card and LOVE the photo arrangements you did for this one – Love everywhere! hahaha
    Mina recently posted…The Swatch Game Week: Inocos Pequeno PóneiMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Haha thank you Mina, love your positivity!! You should try painting too I bet you'd do awesome!!!

  3. Robin

    Wow this bunny is to die for! Soo cute! The drawing looks amazing – I wish I could draw that well! – and the bunny on your nails is just super cute! I also love the neon pink accents :)

    • A.J.

      I bed you would be as good as me, just give it a go!!! Thank you!

  4. Jayna

    The bunny is so cute and detailed! I love the painting you’ve done too – you are so talented AJ! The pink balloon hearts are a nice touch too! :)
    Jayna recently posted…Models Own Roman Candle SwatchMy Profile

  5. Ali @ FixinToFaff

    Oh, I love him! Reminds me of the velveteen rabbit! It always delights me when I see nail artists that I love doing full-sized drawings and paintings. You’re incredibly talented, ma’am!

    • A.J.

      Thank you so much Ali!

  6. Emily Nailsxo

    I’m in love with the nails and the bunnies ! You are so artistic :)! I haven’t sketched/painted in a while but I certainly have inspiration now after seeing your wonderful work :) xx

    • A.J.

      Can't wait to see you creations Emily! Thank you for the compliments I am really overwhelmed by all the great comments I am receiving :)

      • Emily Nailsxo

        Aw you’re welcome, your blog is one of my favourites so I love coming back to see what you have done next :D! Love your finished painting btw, it looks SO good ! xx
        Emily Nailsxo recently posted…Ice Cream Nail Art TutorialMy Profile

  7. Emily Nailsxo

    Oh and I’m loving the neon pink heart, great touch :D x
    Emily Nailsxo recently posted…Jess Nail Polish SwatchesMy Profile

  8. Sarah

    I looooove these, the little bunny is so cute! You’re such a fab artist, both on nails and on paper! :-D xx

    • A.J.

      Aww thank you so much!!!

  9. Anhy

    This bunny is the cutest I’ve ever seen!

    You did an amazing job, not only on your nails but on paper as well *__* Talent!

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