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Home Bargains Glitter nail polish

Hello! Happy Sunday! Today I am showing you Home Bargains Glitter nail polish swatches. I think I have mentioned it before, but Home Bargains is one of my favourite shops. Unfortunately not for nails polish (usually), but because the shop is usually well stocked with everything one needs around the house from cleaning supplies to gardening and even food items. Sometimes, I do come across nail polish as well. See my previous reviews here.

Last week, I came across some familiarly packaged polish (same bottles as the ones reviewed here). To be honest, I found these polishes of very poor quality and pretty much binned them straight away. However, the new colours just looked so pretty, so I decided to take a chance!

Home Bargains Glitter nail polish review

There were four different colours available in the ‘Glitter Nail Varnish’ range, all of them somewhat similar/matching in the size of the glitter, but different colours overall. The polish is described as holographic, which is a complete lie. None of the polishes have actual holographic glitter in them… To be fair, at less than a pound each (£0.69 each), I wouldn’t expect them to be full of spectraflair or anything else half-decent haha.

Another point to note, these polishes are actually water based, not your usual suspension based and therefore the formulas are different. I man I am all for less toxic polish, but the impact on formulas is significant. The consistency of the polishes is different and not in a good way. Application felt a bit like putting something snot-like on the nails.

Other than that, the colours were very pretty and surprisingly, the polishes dried fairly fast. All the polishes dried into a semi-matte finish. Obviously you can’t really wear a normal top coat with these (unless you have water based polish top coat), so the natural finish is likely the final look.

I think I am actually not too disappointed. I think the water based polishes would be very good for children/young kids. Also, I feel the colours are a lot better than what is usually available in the water based range. And they are very affordable! I feel he drying time is also very realistic. You can easily get away without having to mess with top coats etc. I wouldn’t expect these to last long on the nails however.





Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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