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Hello, finally I am here with the giveaway I promised ages ago. There are two different polishes per prize and there will be 9 winners. Yes NINE!

How to enter?

All the polishes are handmade by me and in the need of names. To enter the giveaway you need to comment below this blog post and name the polishes (In the format: Polish A ‘name one’ Polish B ‘name two’). Also, leaving your name and email address would be great. Read the full T&C here.

Polish A






Polish B





How will I draw the winners?

Winner number 1 will be the person who leaves the first comment, easy as that!

Winner number 2 will be the person whose name I pick for polish A.

Winner number 3 will be the person whose name I pick for polish B.

*** I decided to give 4th prize to the first commenter with the name suggestions.

Winners from 5-9 will be picked randomly.

Good Luck!!!

*Polishes are swatched over a black base. You will receive two glitter toppers in clear base.

Update 16/03/2015

Hello everybody, the giveaway is now over and the polish names have been chosen. Polish A is now called Ocean Reflections by Emma and polish b is Green With Envy by Charlotte. Thank you all for the great names, it has been the most fun giveaway to date! And congratulations to all the winners. I don’t have all of your email addresses, if you recognise yourself from the list and I haven’t contacted you yet please contact me with your address so I can post out the polishes ASAP. I will post all the prizes on Friday hoping I will have all the addresses by then.

Thank you again for participating xxx



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  1. Emily

    So exiting!

    • A.J.

      Congrats Emily, you’re the first winner!

  2. Melissa Greenwood

    I’m useless at naming things! But these are beautiful ♥

  3. Tracey

    Great giveaway :) Polish A Galaxy. Polish B Mudslide.

    Tracey xx

    [email protected]

    • A.J.

      First comment with a polish name suggestion- got a prize for you too!

  4. Wow you made these?! Well done they are gorgeous!
    Polish A Mermaid Tails
    Polish B Rainbow Dust
    B Nailed To Perfection(Bethany) recently posted…Magic Mermaid Nails – BPS ReviewMy Profile

  5. Charlotte

    Polish a) aurora

    Polish b) green with envy

    They are gorgeous xx

    • Charlotte

      I seriously thought these were ilnp at first glance! I can’t stop looking at them they are so pretty

  6. Julieann Byrne

    They look lovely!
    Polish 1. Tealy Good
    Polish 2. Oxidised

  7. Elicia

    These are gorgeous!!!

    Polish A – Zephyr
    Polish B – Oxide

  8. lyndsay

    Oooh, they are loverrleey!

    Polish a – magik mussels
    Polish b – mossy universe


  9. Wow, these are amazing!

    Polish A – Man of Teal

    Polish B – Metal Forest

    Thanks for the giveaway lovely, hope you get some awesome names

  10. Rebecca Lane

    Stunning pair, well done!

    Polish A: Sea Serpent

    Polish B: Siren Song

    Rebecca Lane recently posted…Picture Polish: MoscowMy Profile

  11. linda


  12. linda

    Polish B – sea shells

  13. Caroline Goodwill

    Polish A Peacock feathers
    Polish B Galatic sparkles

  14. Michaela

    Polish A – Mermaid Envy

    Polish B – Dragon Scales

    • Michaela

      Didn’t realise the email wouldn’t show up in the comments. Just put it in the comment field option. Anyway… Just in case – [email protected] ;)

  15. Rhianydd

    Polish A – ultraviolet
    Polish B – Infrared

    These are so pretty ❤️

  16. Rachael

    Polish A – Into the Fade

    Polish B – Pinky promise (Gold is symbolic of promises)

  17. Sue Chappell

    Fab colours!

    Polish A – Vamp

    Polish B – Black Envy

  18. Emma

    They look so amazing on you! I particularly love B. But also A. Oh I can’t decide which I love more!

    Polish A: Ocean Reflections
    Polish B: Copper Beech

    (As an aside to Copper Beech, it’s a really pretty tree! My favourite – worth a Google if nothing else :) )

    Emma recently posted…Sarah Jae PolishMy Profile

  19. Joanna

    They are both beautiful!

    Polish A: Tranquil Waters
    Polish B: Smouldering Embers

  20. Claire

    beautiful polishes, i would name them, polish a – Tsunami and polish b – Mother Nature xxx

  21. Helen Craggs

    i am in LOVE with polish A!

    • Helen Craggs

      Not sure why my comment didn’t fully post? Anyway…

      Polish A -Enchanted
      Polish B – Cop(per) A Look At This!

      Have fun choosing the names!

      Helen xx

      Email: helenrcraggs[at]

  22. emma

    Wow! These are gorgeous!

    Polish A: Northern Lights
    Polish B: Moonbeam

    [email protected]

    emma recently posted…Revolution – Sir Chris Hoy VelodromeMy Profile

  23. Amy

    Polish A ‘Flake Ya Tailfeathers’

    Polish B ‘For Heaven’s Flake’

    Love this! Such a fun idea for a giveaway!

    Amy | Hair Nails Etc

    [email protected]

  24. Elaine Oliver

    beautiful polishes! A) Galaxy B) Nebula

  25. Emma B

    Polish A – Spellbound by a Mermaid
    Polish B – Woodland Nymph

    [email protected]
    Emma B recently posted…You Tube tutorial disaster!!!My Profile

  26. Suraya

    OMG I totally didn’t read properly I wrote on your Instagram! silly me lol well here goes with my random names

    A. Turtle Shimmer

    B. Night Fall

  27. Hannah Leinster

    Polish A: Effervescence

    Polish B: Earth’s Heart

    Such a fun giveaway! Thanks for the chance! Stunning polishes.

  28. Kayleigh

    Polish A: Andromeda

    Polish B: Poison Apple

    nimbuspony AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  29. Siobhan McCusker

    Polish A – Intergalactic mission

    Polish B – Autumn breezes

    Stunning polishes!! Fingers crossed!!

  30. debbie smith

    polish A !!!! gorgeous i haven’t seen anything like it,
    just lush :) xx @kungfupidge

  31. Sarah

    Polish A – Under The Sea
    Polish B – Over The Rainbow

    These are gorgeous!

  32. Sarah

    Polish A – Under The Sea

    Polish B – Over The Rainbow

    These are gorgeous!

  33. Dimana Dyakova

    First I want to say that these are TOTALLY gorgeous!!! Great job!

    Now on my entry

    Polish A – Witch hour

    Polish B – Wood elf

    • Dimana Dyakova


  34. Annette Monks

    A – Perfect Peacock
    B – Cosmic Comet
    Beautiful varnishes

  35. Sophie Pentland

    polish A – sparkling petrol
    Polish b – autumn

  36. Sarah Isabel

    Polish A – Mermaid in space
    Polish B – Golden nebula

  37. Sophie Regan

    Oh lord these are gorgeous! well done :)

    Polish A: Maleficent
    Polish B: Tiana

    (such a sly Disney fan) xx

    [email protected]

  38. Lisa

    Polish A- Witches cauldron
    Polish B- Firework sky

  39. Szabina L

    Polish A: Emerald chaos
    polish B: Mystic moss

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

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