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How to avoid nail polish stains

Hey there my friends! I’m having a naked nail day today and thought I’ll share nail polish free nails for a change. In addition, I will talk about how to avoid nail polish stains. I am no expert as my tips still look yellow (the whole nail haven’t grown out since I started this routine) but I will share what has been working for me so far :)

How-to-avoid-nail-polish-stains (1) How-to-avoid-nail-polish-stains (3)

We all nail polish lovers know that constant polish wearing causes nasty yellow looking nails. Internet is full of tips on how to get rid of yellow nails. Washing with toothpaste and using buffer for example. To be honest, neither of the methods worked for me :(  What worked me was to wear at least two coats of Nail Envy as a base for every manicure. In addition, it is vital to change your polish often enough, especially if it’s a dark colour.

How-to-avoid-nail-polish-stains (2)

How-to-avoid-nail-polish-stains (4)

In conclusion, it was impossible for me to remove the yellow but wearing double base coat and changing my nail colour at least twice a week helped a lot.  My nails still have yellow tips but I think they are better looking than they were just few months ago.

What’s your top tips on how to avoid nail polish stains?

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  1. sarah

    I've got really, really bad blue stains at the moment so I would love to see if anyone has a magic fix. The annoying thing is that it's stained in little spots here and there, and it honestly looks like I have mould on my nails! It's hideous : (
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    • Nail_Lacquer

      Aww that sounds awful :S At least you can hide it with more nail polish :D

    • kim

      soak your nails in lemon juice

  2. Beca

    I find that when I have yellow tinged nails (usually off red nail varnish) using whitening toothpaste and a nail brush takes the stains mostly off :) might not work on really deep staining though! xxx
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  3. Tracey

    I apply 2 coats of a smoothing base coat and one clear before I start with polish. Once a week I soak my nails in pure lemon juice. Have noticed a slight difference :)x

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