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Magic Goose Medusa swatches

Hello everybody! I have another gorgeous UK indie nail polish to show you. Today I am demonstrating Magic Goose Medusa swatches. I am not sure if you are ready for this gorgeousness but here it is!


Magic Goose Medusa is officially the most gorgeous shimmer polish I own!!! It is packed with small teal holographic glitter, larger turquoise and green hexagonal glitters, holographic silver and turquoise stars and some black diamonds. The base color is sheer turquoise-green shimmer which looks more blue in artificial light (where the photos are taken) and more green in the sunlight.


I think the little holographic stars just complete the polish, the holo is amazingly bright and it was super easy to capture- look at that little rainbow on my accent finger! As I mentioned above the formula is quite sheer so I used 2 coats of Claire’s 82460 as a base and added 2 coats of Medusa. I decided to hand place the stars as that’s just how I prefer it :)


I topped it all up with one coat of Color Club fast dry top coat, then one coat of Gelous which gives me super long lasting manicures however, it beyng slow at drying I threw on another coat of Color Club fast dry and I was good to go :) I almost regret doing these nails since I have been admiring the beauty of this polish rather than reading for uni!!! :D

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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  1. Jayna

    This is such an amazing polish! I love the blue base and the star sequins! :)
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  2. Tamit24

    I've just looked through your post and I really like your notes- so interesting to see these all polishes that aren't available in my country!
    Great swatches, fantastic shots!
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