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Nelly Polish Burnt Copper swatches

Hello and happy Sunday, it’s gorgeous and sunny autumn day here in Newcastle and I have just been out for a walk with my tiny family and I just can’t believe how beautiful the color changing leaves are. My today’s nail art is inspired by the above mentioned leaves and I am also showing off Nelly Polish Burnt Copper swatches in celebration of Indie Polish Month.

20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (12) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (13)

I started off with one coat of Nail Envy and two coats of Essie Little Brown Dress. I wanted a dark base for Burnt Chopper to bring out the gorgeous shimmer and have a deep base for the bright leaves to stand out. Here’s how Essie Little Brown Dress looks on it’s own:

I then added just one coat of Nelly Polish Burnt Chopper which gave me a perfect coverage and a beautiful shimmery matte finish. I really loved the matte rubbery look, almost didn’t want to ruin it with bright leaves lol.

20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (1) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (2) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (10) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (11)

If you haven’t heard yet, Nelly Polish is the world’s first dry nail polish and it was sent for me in a dry powdery form (as a gift with another polish- thank you!!!). I had great fun mixing it up with clear nail polish and I found the powder to be different than I expected- it’s so soft and… light, I have never seen anything like this before. If you haven’t yet I would recommend to try it out ;)

20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (9) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (8) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (5) 20090101-nelly-polish-burnt-chopper-swatches (4)


Next I decided to draw the planned autumn leaves. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base and added Color Club Almost Famous, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, Essie Russian Roulette, OPI A Roll In The Hague and L’oreal Paris 114 using tiny make up sponge and dabbing method to mix the colors.

After the dabbing was done I used a very thin nail art brush and black acrylic paint to draw on the pattern of the leaves. I finished it up with one coat of Color Club Fast Dry top coat.

I have come to the decision that using black acrylic paint for small details is the best. Using nail polish, even with the thinnest nail art brush, just doesn’t give neat and thin results. I know some nail art bloggers use acrylic paint for the whole nail art but I prefer to use my polishes as I have a wider selection of polishes than acrylic paints lol

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have been inspired by autumn on your nails :)

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  1. Paint Those Piggies!

    What a stunning fall look, your leaves are gorgeous!
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  2. Tina

    These are….words escape me. And that Nelly….Straight to the wish list! Will be (trying to) recreate this very soon!
    My recent post My Favorite Boyfriend

  3. Emma

    This is beautiful :) and your new blog header looks great!
    My recent post Dots and Stripes Tutorial

  4. Jayna

    These are so pretty! The dry nail polish looks so good – I think I'm gonna have to try it! :)
    My recent post Rimmel Green With Envy

  5. char

    Gorgeous! I love your designs so much! I am definitely adding some Nelly polish to my wishlist xx

  6. Mina

    Sweetie, these are just fantastic! I couldn't content on just one photo on FB and had to rush to your blog to gorge on such beautiful mani!
    What's best about this one is how you chose the best background color combo to make the leaves stand out – amazing one! Must have scrolled up and down about ten times before writing this ;)
    Also, thanks for the heads up on the dry polish – quite something, isn't it? :)
    My recent post 31DC2013 – Day 12: Stripes? Flower Wallpaper!

  7. luchessa

    This is just an amazing fall mani. Love the details. Are you sometimes doing step-by-step tutorials?!

  8. GeekyOwl

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    My recent post 33DC Day 7: Art featuring Oldest Untried

  9. Edyta

    Your design is wonderful! I really like it!
    My recent post silver crackle manicure

  10. Nail_Lacquer

    Thanks, you're so sweet! :)
    My recent post Nelly Polish Burnt Copper swatches

  11. Jas (TheHappySloths)

    Sooo pretty!
    My recent post Inverse Rainbow Gradient Striped Nails

  12. Annie Suzie

    OMG – I just adore everything about this mani <3

  13. Anastasia

    Gorgeous leaves!!
    My recent post Colored worms

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