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Flocking powder pattern

Hi friends,

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already… days go by so fast. As usual, I have been busy trying to find new and creative ways to do nail art. This time I got the idea to use flocking powder te create patterns. I am not sure if this has been done before, probably, but I haven’t see any. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen New Lengths Rouge Frost as base, then applied 1 coat of Rimmel Pro Matte Finish for matte look. I then applied some pattern shapes and dots with a brush and clear polish and dipped my nail into flocking powder.  The result looked pretty cool :)

20130511-Nails-0812000000000000 20130511-Nails-0790000000000000 20130511-Nails-08000000000001
Have you tried flocking powder patterns on your nails?
Thanks for reading and have a fab day! xoxo

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