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Olaf the snowman tutorial

Hey there and happy Sunday! I got a tutorial request for the snowman nail art I did back in December. The snowman is called Olaf and he is from the Frozen film. I have to admit, I still have not seen the film myself but hopefully will before they stop showing it in cinemas :P

I used acrylic paints for most of the design, the only part I didn’t was the nose where I used Color Club Wham! Pow! As of tools I used nail art brushes and dotting tools. I will let the photos explain the rest.

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (5)

1. Started off with white colour, repeat this step as long as the snowman shape is opaque enough (I needed 2 coats).

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (6)

2. I mixed white and blue to a very light shade of blue to paint some shadows.Olaf-snowman-tutorial (7)

3. I added the nose using above mentioned Color Club polish.

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (8)

4. Used a very thin brush to paint the outlines and the nose- a carrot.

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (1)

5. Added details such as hair, eyebrows, eyes, mouth and buttons using dotting tool/nail art brush and black acrylic paint.

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (2)

6. Added arms with brown acrylic paint and some more details with white acrylic pint.

Olaf-snowman-tutorial (3)

7. Added snow with dotting tool and white acrylic paint. I topped it all up with Poshe top coat.

I hope that this tutorial have been clear enough, if not feel free to leave questions in comments.

Thanks for checking out Olaf the snowman tutorial! xoxox

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