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OPI Push and Shove swatches

Hello and happy Saturday!!! This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the OPI Gwen Stefani collection polishes. I didn’t fancy all of the colours but Push and Shove and Love.Angel.Music.Baby. tickled my fancy quite a bit :P Firstly I would like to show you OPI Push and Shove swatches.

OPI-push-and-shove-swatches (6)

OPI-push-and-shove-swatches (2)

Push and Shove is a mirrored chrome polish. It being my very first mirrored chrome polish I was extremely excited to try it out. It sure is one unique polish! Firstly, it comes with a special mini Lay Down that Base coat. OPI claims that this is the only base the polish would work and trust me- it is true (I tried Gelous/Nail Envy and it didn’t work). Secondly, it is intended for one night only wear. Again, I tested and it’s true- after about 24h the polish was happily chipping away :P The application was easy, however the brush left quite a few brush lines. Fortunately these lines kind of disappeared when the polish dried, the polish was touch dry after about 4-5 minutes. It dries into a very thin layer which brings out all the imperfections your nails may have- see my pinky!!! (I had no idea that I have such ridge there :P) lol Therefore I’d buffer the nails before applying this baby

OPI-push-and-shove-swatches (7) OPI-push-and-shove-swatches (5)Overall a really cool polish and perfect for a night out. It is unfortunate however that no other polish works with it. The “complimentary” Lay Down that Base is only 3.75ml and when you run out of that- you won’t have anything to use as the base :(


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my OPI Push and Shove swatches. I shall be back with Love.Angel.Music.Baby. soon! Anyway, I would love to hear what you think of Push and Shove! xoxox

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  1. Lou

    Despite the issues over application and wear, I really quite fancy picking this up. It looks great on you and I just adore your nail shape
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  2. Sara Ashley Bushman

    I love your application of this polish. I just recently purchased it and definitely ran into some application issues. Once I applied my HK Girl Top Coat, though, it seemed to minimize some of the application errors. Such beautiful swatches though!!
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    • Nail_Lacquer

      Oh, so did it work with the HK top coat? I think I am going to try to topcoat it next time to see what happens :P :D Thanks for the comment!!

  3. craftynail

    i want this one- it looks so great on you! i don't understand the deal with the special basecoat though!
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    • Nail_Lacquer

      It must prepare the base somehow as after I put it on the nail looked like matte… it kinda sucks that the base comes in wayyy smaller bottle like o.0

  4. Jayna

    This is such a unique polish! It looks great on your nails! It's so shiny too! :)
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