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Born Pretty Store Striping Tape

Hi friends, Sorry this week has been pretty slow in the blog as I am busy enjoying my holiday, I was visiting my grandmother for few days and I didn’t have access to computer. However, here I am today with my very first Born Pretty Store striping tape manicure.

born pretty store tape (3)

I got my first Born Pretty Store striping tape last month. They were having a $0.99 sale (£0.67) and with the cheap price I just couldn’t resist ordering it. The tape itself was smaller than I expected, however it looks like the tape will last for a while.

born pretty store tape (4)Born Pretty Store Striping Tape.

As it was my first time I used a very simple design to try it out and I was quite satisfied with the results, the tape was easy (but time consuming) to apply and it peeled off well. I didn’t wait for the top coat to dry but it wasn’t a problem as the lines came out pretty clean.

born pretty store tape (1)

Overall I am pleased with my purchase, especially with the price. However, knowing myself I will probably use freehand rather than tape for stripes in the future as freehand is less time consuming for me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my very first striping tape manicure.


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