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British Nail Bloggers Boyfriend tag

Hi there, British Nail Bloggers are doing another fun tag- this time we are getting our special someone’s to paint our nails. I let my boyfriend of 3 years to do mine :)

british-nail-bloggers-boyfriend-tag (1)

OK, let’s see how it truly went:

british-nail-bloggers-boyfriend-tag (3)

He picked 3 primary colours and green for the nail art and decided to do a skittle design from my pointy to pinky. On my thumb he used all four colours but unfortunately flooded most with the green :D As of polishes he used Color Club Endless Summer (blue), Essie Mojito Madness (green), Color Club Almost Famous (yellow) and OPI The Colour of Minnie.

british-nail-bloggers-boyfriend-tag (2)

Ok, let’s admit it- he needs a bit more practice but I love the colours he picked- something I’d never go for :P

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out other Boyfriend Tags below.

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