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Chanel Fantastic

Hello! Welcome to my ‘Week of Chanel’ feature! This week I am only showing you Chanel nail polishes. It’s not going to be too busy of a week because I am planning to swatch three (vintage) Chanel nail polishes. Chanel polishes cost a pretty penny even before becoming vintage, so I do not splash out too often, but there have been a couple of must-haves which I have acquired over the past couple of months (I am likely to do another Chanel week in February).

Chanel Fantastic is a magenta pink polish with a very subtle gold shimmer finish. On the swatches I am wearing two coats with a layer of top coat.

Fantastic is from Chanel’s 2008 autumn collection.

I think it’s pretty, but not as pretty as what is coming later in the week! ;)

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