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Dior Aztec Chocolate swatch

Hello friends, happy Sunday! It has been a long 10 days of holiday for me, I am on my way back to England now- I am actually writing this post from Amsterdam! :D I can’t wait to show you my haul, I got some awesome new polishes, I will post a photo as soon as I have unpacked. Until then, I’ll show you a gorgeous polish called Dior Aztec Chocolate.

dior-Aztec-Chocolate-swatch  (1)

dior-Aztec-Chocolate-swatch  (2)
The colour of Aztec Chocolate does not remind me chocolate at all :P It is kind of brown but most certainly not chocolate brown. More like dark purple brown (I am sure there is a better name for this colour lol) with some tiny shimmer in the finish. On the swatches I am wearing two coats with topcoat. The application was easy, formula was quite opaque and easy to apply but there were some brush strokes in the finish (but what shimmer wouldn’t!?).

dior-Aztec-Chocolate-swatch  (3)

dior-Aztec-Chocolate-swatch  (4)
I am not 100% sure about the colour, I kind of like it but at the same time it is one of those colours I tend not to wear. Maybe it’s just because it’s spring and all I can think of is brights and pastels. I’ll come back to this one in Autumn I think.
Thanks for reading xoxox

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