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Nails Inc. Mayfair

Hello! Today I am wearing Nails Inc. Mayfair. Mayfair is a bone white polish with pearly finish. On the swatches I am wearing to coats with top coat. The polish is very opaque, I almost got away with one coat :P But did two for perfection.

Nails-Inc.-Mayfair (5)

Nails-Inc.-Mayfair (2)

On my accent nail I am wearing foil pattern and liquid stones nail art (done with gels). It’s something I am still practising/trying out hence I won’t go into detail about the products I used etc. I really like the look of this style and I can guarantee that there are more designs coming in the future. This product is to be used only on gel nails but I have been naughty and practising on normal nail polish for now. I know some people use normal nail polish under/on top of gel nail polish but it is not actually recommended by professionals.

Nails-Inc.-Mayfair (4)

Nails-Inc.-Mayfair (3)

Whereas I managed to make my left hand look pretty neat, I pretty much failed on my right hand :P I have not practised detailed nail art on my right hand for a while and I felt very rusty lol. I better start practising more now when I have the whole summer off :)

Nails-Inc.-Mayfair (7)

Thanks for checking out my Nails Inc. Mayfair swatches! xoxox

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