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National Beauty Show Newcastle

Hello and happy Saturday! Last Sunday I visited National Beauty Show Newcastle (visit the website here). It’s the first beauty show I’ve visited in Newcastle. It wasn’t as big as I was hoping but there were quite a few nail related stands such as Nail Harmony, Millenium Nails, Brillbird UK etc.

National-Beauty-Show-Newcastle (6)

There were also some training providers represented. One of them was La Belle Training Academy (I did my nail course there back in August) and another one I noticed was Billbird nails which offered nail art courses and had some very pretty nail art examples on the table (totally should have taken a photo!). Newcastle Learning was also there. A few of the training providers shared 20% off coupons so I’ve been thinking about booking another nail course as a Christmas present for myself. I’m really busy with uni right now but I think I could manage something around spring or summer time the latest.

From the show I purchased a semi permanent eyebrow kit. They did very good demonstrations there and showed me how to use it (find it here). I haven’t had a chance to actually wear it yet as I don’t wear much make up but it’s something I needed and the colour Charcoal was a perfect match with my natural eyebrow (and hair) colour.

As of nail related items I got two one stroke paints by Billbird (they don’t have a website but here’s their Facebook page). I will write a proper review when I use them.

Sorry about the lack of photos. I forgot to bring my proper camera so only took photos with my phone.

National-Beauty-Show-Newcastle (1)

National-Beauty-Show-Newcastle (3)

National-Beauty-Show-Newcastle (4)

Overall it was a great beauty show and I am looking forward to visiting the next one (which I heard might take place in April). I hope over time it will gain more and more popularity and soon it’ll be as big as the shows in London and Manchester :) Thanks for reading! xxx



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