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Orly Green With Envy swatches

Hello! I am here with Orly Green With Envy swatches and a little sneak peek of one of my own polishes that will be released on 1st of October :)

orly-green-with-envy (6)

Orly Green With Envy is a lovely deep green polish with a hint of teal. It is quite sheer polish and leaves almost jelly finish. There is some visible nail line after two coats but it is too opaque to be called jelly, but it’s close :D

orly-green-with-envy (2)orly-green-with-envy (5)

The application was easy and the drying time quite average- didn’t dry very fast but not too slow either. It is a lovely polish, however I had a bit higher expectations as it looked so vibrant on the Graftons Beauty website :P

orly-green-with-envy (3)orly-green-with-envy (1)

You probably noticed my bright accent nail, it’s one of the polishes I have had cooking since August and it will be released on 1st of October (3 more weeks :P) in my Etsy shop. It is a glitter topper filled with many colors and shapes starting from matte teal hexes to bright pink stars. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend to check my shop’s about page as there are some cool photos of how my polishes are made :)

Thanks for reading! xxx

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