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Primark PS… Insta Girl Chrome Collection

Hello lovelies!! Another post this weekend :)) During my recent trip to Primark PS… Insta Girl Chrome Collection got my attention.

Primark PS… Insta Girl Chrome Collection review

Firstly, I don’t think Primark’s nail polish designers know different finishes too well as I remember a previous collection that was called ‘holographic’ and the polishes barely had any holo in them. This time, the collection is called Chrome, but the polishes are 100% holographic.

Overall the polishes are decent for the price (just £3 per bottle!), they are no Color Club’s, but do have a beautiful linear holo finish to them. The bottles are decent size, holding 10.5ml each and the brushes are nice and flat. It took three coats for each colour to be opaque which is pretty okay in my opinion.

PS… Insta Girl Cyber


PS… Insta Girl Skylight

PS… Insta Girl Lilac Chrome

PS… Insta Girl Pink Strobe

Overall I am well pleased with the collection. I think Lilac Chrome and Pink Strobe are pretty much must haves whereas Cyber and Skylight left me a little meh. What do you think?

Thanks for reading :) xo

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