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Revlon Tangyzing

Hello and happy weekend! I am getting through my vintage nail polish collection quite well. Today I have swatched Revlon Tangyzing for you.

Firstly, I am not sure about the age of Tangyzing, but I have a feeling that this one would be 15+ years old. Regardless, the formula was in excellent condition. The polish really applied smoothly with no issues at all.

I found Tangyzing while I was browsing around my good old friend eBay. I think it can be a bit of hit and miss with the prices there, but sometimes you can get lucky. I think I paid just under £4 posted for this :) I love getting perfect beauties like this from eBay!

Tangyzing looked nice in the bottle, but I was even more amazed when it landed on my nails. It is a duo chrome polish shifting from rosy pink to gold. On the swatches i am wearing two coats with no top coat.

I kinda feel that the swatches don’t do justice to the beauty of this polish. I am really tempted to get the rest of the Revlon’s -zing ending polishes. On the other hand, I am not sure if the others would live up to the beauty of Tangyzing.

I hope you enjoyed yet another vintage nail polish post in the face of Revlon Tangyzing. If you want more, check out my other posts here.

Thanks for reading xxx

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