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Barry M Silk collection

Hey friends! Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on (and nails under) the brand new Barry M Silk collection. The collection consists of six pearly spring pastels with silky (suede/matte imo) finish. I purchased them from my local Tesco Extra. Thank you Annette, the lady behind Rainbow Connection, for the hint to look there! I had to visit two different stores to get the full collection. They were on offer 3 for 2 so I can’t complain much :P

They all have exactly the same formula, very easy and smooth to apply. They take about 2-3 coats to be opaque and the drying time is roughly 10 minutes (obviously depends how many coats you lay). I would not recommend applying more than 3 coats however as it will stretch the drying time ridiculously long. You can always use fast dry top coat but this would hide the silky finish effect.

barry-m-silk-collection (10)

The first colour I am showing you is called Meadow and it is a very light pearly green colour. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful colours from this collection.

barry-m-silk-collection (4)

barry-m-silk-collection (5)

barry-m-silk-collection (15)

barry-m-silk-collection (13)

Next up is Mist, a pearly light blue colour.

barry-m-silk-collection (8)

barry-m-silk-collection (7)

barry-m-silk-collection (6)

Then we have Heather, a pearly lilac colour.

barry-m-silk-collection (24)

barry-m-silk-collection (22)

barry-m-silk-collection (21)

And here is Blossom, a pearly pink colour. Obviously my favourite, being pink and all :P

barry-m-silk-collection (20)

barry-m-silk-collection (19)

barry-m-silk-collection (18)

Pearl is a pearly white polish, very simple but still beautiful.

barry-m-silk-collection (31)

barry-m-silk-collection (28)

barry-m-silk-collection (30)

Lastly there is Truffle, a beige pearly colour. My least favourite to be honest- just not my kind of colour at all.

barry-m-silk-collection (26)

barry-m-silk-collection (25)

barry-m-silk-collection (3)

barry-m-silk-collection (2)

Overall they all are lovely polishes and perfect for the upcoming spring. I most liked the green, blue and pink, I felt rather neutral about the lilac and white and, as already mentioned, did not like the beige (nothing wrong with the formula, just not my colour). Be aware that by them all being shimmer polishes you might get visible brush stroke lines in the finish. If you really hate brush stroke lines you can try dabbing the last coat on with a piece of make up sponge instead of using the brush.

Anyway, after swatching them all I couldn’t decide which one I want to wear so decided to do a colourful skittle design.

barry-m-silk-collection (9)

barry-m-silk-collection (12)

These polishes sure do flatter each other!!!

Thanks for checking out my Barry M Silk collection swatches. xoxox


Here’s my nails after 3 days of wear (no chips at all). I am wearing no base coat and Nailtiques formula 2 & Gelous as a base- not bad!!!


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  1. Tracey

    Meadow, Mist, Heather and Blossom are my favs, might get these, hoping I get some birthday money!! Great post and I love your nails :) xx

    • A.J.

      Thanks hunni xx

  2. Lucy from Lucy's Stash

    I like your swatches very much but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of these, I don’t like sheer and streaky polishes (although your application was perfect;)

    • A.J.

      Hehe thank you Lucie!

  3. Vic

    I’m loving the shape of your nails!

    Not sure about the polishes though – I really love the colours but would much prefer them as cremes.
    Vic recently posted…I thought of the boy no-one could ever forgetMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Oh yeah creme finish would be fab!

  4. August Art

    Your nails look amazing! When I heard about the silk range I wasn’t to sure but you’ve convinced me. These colours are gorgeous! Do they last long because a load of my Barry M polishes now chip within the first day and that’s with a top coat let alone without one!

    x x

    • A.J.

      Thanks August! I applied them on Wednesday night and it\’s Saturday today- I have no chips so far so I think they are pretty good. I used Nailtiques Formula 2 and Gelous as base and no top coat.

  5. Jess

    The finish of these is beautiful and they look so good as a skittle mani!

    Jess xo
    Jess recently posted…Review: The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Haircare SetMy Profile

  6. POW Nails

    Oooh I’ve been waiting for swatches of these, they look lovely and they do go well together too. Maybe a water marble is worth a try?
    POW Nails recently posted…Swatch & Review: Maybelline Street ArtistMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Ohoo yes, it\’s a great idea they\’d look fab together!

  7. Mina

    Blossom and Pearl look like they have some sort of inner light – wow! Although this is the sort of polish that would drive me crazy, you application is so smooth you make me want to have them ;)

    ps. so loving the shape of your nails right now! <3

    • A.J.

      Aww thank you Mina!!

  8. Lou

    These look a bit like the Sally Hansen Satin Glam polishes that came out in the US. They also take a while to try, must be something about the finish that makes them take longer than mattes.

    They are all a bit pale for me, would have liked some brighter colours, but its not summer yet so it may still happen!

    • A.J.

      Yeah would be cool to see some brighter shades with this finish!

  9. Jayna

    These are the first swatches of this collection I’ve seen! They look great – especially with your new nail shape! These colours are perfect for spring too! I think meadow and mist are my favourites! The skittle looks great! :)
    Jayna recently posted…Born Pretty Store Bow-knot Rhinestones ReviewMy Profile

    • A.J.

      Hehe thanks! P.s. Congratulations for winning the Naileymabob giveaway!!! xx

  10. Enigmatic Rambles

    Thanks for sharing these, I wasn’t sure what they would be like from the bottles. I like the skittle mani you did last :)

  11. Becky

    What an amazing finish they provide. Kind of pearlised (if that’s a word!) up close but silky looking from a distance. I’m not a huge fan of pastel shades but they do look really pretty. I wonder if they would look have the same look/effect in brighter shades x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    • A.J.

      Indeed, maybe something brighter coming for the summer!

  12. Gemma

    Omg I can’t wait to get my hands on these!! These look amazing and are so so pretty!! xoxo

    • A.J.

      Hehe glad you like them!!!

  13. Char

    Your swatches are gorgeous! I am not convinced by these polishes though, love the colours but the finish isn’t really my sort of thing xx

    • A.J.

      Hehe yeah they seem to be not everyone's cup of tea :P xx

  14. Robin

    Gorgeous swatches! And those polishes look amazing, I love the silky finish a lot! I’m definitely going to see if I can get these in my country, after seeing your swatches I just HAVE to have them! :)

    • A.J.

      Thanks, I hope you can :) xxx

  15. […] shiny, but not quite matte. It’s really quite beautiful. For swatches of this finish, AJ of Nail Lacquer swatched the whole collection (and I actually bought Heather from her, so thank’s, AJ! ). I noticed some people have said […]

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