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How to use striping tape

Hello! I have been asked to show how to use striping tape and I decided to do a quick tutorial while I was playing around with my new macro lens :P

how-to-use-striping-tape (9)


First off I started with two coats of Essie Lights and one coat of Sinful Colors Pink Glitter. I then added one coat of Poshe Quick Drying Base Coat to smooth the glitter.

how-to-use-striping-tape (2) how-to-use-striping-tape (1)

Mmm… isn’t Sinful Colors Pink Glitter just gorgeous!!!! I got it from Boots in Metrocentre and it costed only £1.99. After the nails were dry I was ready for some stripes!

how-to-use-striping-tape (0)

1. Apply the tape on your nail. It’s useful to remember the order you applied the tape as you have to remove it starting from the top one, removing in the wrong order increases the chances of smudging the lines.

how-to-use-striping-tape (3)

2. Apply the top polish on a make up sponge.

how-to-use-striping-tape (4)

3. Dab it all over the nail. Pro tip- if you use smaller sponge you will have less clean up to do ;)

how-to-use-striping-tape (5)

4. Dab until opaque and wait a minute or two. By dabbing the polish your layer is thinner and therefore dries quicker. In addition, there will be no chance of the lines filling with polish while pulling them away (something that constantly happened to me when removing it while the polish was still wet).

how-to-use-striping-tape (6)

5. Pull off the striping tape.

how-to-use-striping-tape (7)

6. Clean up around the skin and add one or two layers of top coat to smooth out the sponge pattern.

how-to-use-striping-tape (8)

That’s it- pretty easy and straightforward I think :) Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any questions.

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  1. Vicky Loves Nails

    That sinful colors is gorgeous! The boots near where I live doesn't stock sinful colors, so when I do find them elsewhere I always pick up a few. I shall keep my eyes peeled for this one :)
    My recent post 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge: Day 1 – Presents

    • Nail_Lacquer

      Yeah the one closest to me- in Eldon Square doesn't stock them any more but found a good stand in Metrocentre, lot's of pretty colours to pick there :)

  2. Laura


    This looks so awesome, I'm totally jealous of your nails, mine never look that perfect!

    Would you mind if I made a suggestion? It looks like you're using a macro lens – I have the same thing. If you stop down the aperture a little – say to f8 – you'll get more of your nail in focus at once, but you'll still get that nice background blur.

    Sorry if this is out of line, I just know I've had a lot of trouble with this in the past.

    Great job though!
    My recent post I Think This is it: My Sparkliest Nails Ever (So Far)

    • Nail_Lacquer

      Thanks, just started taking photos of my next manicure- will try it out! Always open for suggestions ;)

  3. Jayna

    The sinful colors polish looks so nice! Great tutorial, I think I'm gonna try sponging on the top colour next time I do a stripe mani!
    Also, I love the snowflakes which are falling on your blog – they are so Christmassy! :)
    My recent post Avon Opal Top Coat Swatches

    • Nail_Lacquer

      Thanks, I'm totally feeling the Christmas in my blog. Looking forward to seeing your striping nail art! :)

  4. angelinyou

    so beautiful! love it! <3
    My recent post Hello December!

  5. Kracked Kat

    I never considered using a sponge to dab the paint over the tape and base paint. That is genius! I will definitely be trying this!
    My recent post Nothing But Neutrals: LVX Fall Collection Swatches

  6. Marie / Legojenta

    Thanks for suggesting using a sponge to add the top layer over the striping tape. I'll be sure to try that next time =)

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