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Jess nail polish review

Hey there! I visited my local Poundland today and there was a big stand full of Jess nail polishes. I have never heard nor seen the brand sold anywhere, so I thought I’d give a few of them a try and show you some swatches.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (3) jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (4)

First one is called Pixie, it’s a dark teal polish with metallic finish. Green is one of my least favourite colours and therefore my collection lacks of green polishes, this one however seemed quite appealing and found it’s way to my basket fast :D I did look much greener in the bottle whereas on my nails it looks rather blue.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (2) jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (1)

As soon as I opened the polish bottle an unpleasant, but familiar, smell appeared. It’s pretty much the same smell as W7 nail polishes carry, maybe not as strong but still not pleasant. Other than the smell the polish was great, no application problems and fast drying time. The formula was on the sheer side, I am wearing three coats of the polish with no top coat.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (15)

Next I used Breathless. This polish looked amazing in the bottle- light blue to pink duo chrome tiny flakes. I was hoping that this polish would come out opaque but, as you can guess, it didn’t :(

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (5) jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (6)

Even with three coats this polish is too sheer to wear on it’s own. I should try this one on a light blue base I think :P The formula was similar to the previous polish, nasty smell but great application. The shimmer is quite fabulous but not as fabulous as in the bottle.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (7)

French White is, as the name indicates, creme white polish. It was opaque in two coats and easy to apply.  This polish is very similar to Sinful Colors Snow Me White, except the smell obviously :P And it’s half the size (9ml) whereas Sinful Colors is 15ml. But it’s good, I’m retiring my Snow Me White for now as it’s gone too thick and the polish thinner doesn’t seem to work.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (8)

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (9)

And lastly we have Playmate. I have some contrasting views about this one :P First off, it’s super neon and pink so I just have to love it BUT the application was the worst of them all. The bottle recommends to use white base to achieve the neon effect which I did.

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (14) jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (13)

The formula was smelly as the other three but much thicker and harder to apply. I applied two coats and a layer of Poshe top coat because this one seemed to take ages (more than 3 minutes lol I am not a patient girl lol) to dry in addition to the slightly streaky finish. The dazzling brightness, however, was worth the trouble ;)

jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (12) jess-nail-polish-from-poundland (11)

Overall I’d say the polishes are not bad for £1 but they are not worth much more either :P The biggest downfall for me is the unpleasant smell but other than that they’ll pass the polish test :D

Let me know if you have picked up any of the Jess nail polishes yet and what did you think of them :)

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  1. Jayna

    I love the look of Pixie – such a pretty metallic colour! It's a shame the others didn't work as well, but for a pound you can't really complain! :)
    My recent post Christmas Skittle

  2. […] greeted by a horrible stench, not sure why, but cheaper polishes seem to smell awful (so did the Poundland polishes I reviewed yesterday) This smell was different however, it smelt like some cleaning product! In […]

  3. Vanessa Ions

    I did not notice any horrible smell. I think it is one of the best I've used, it last ages, much longer than some of the ones I've paid around £8 for. The best colour is Mulberry and unfortunately the Poundland near me has sold out.

    • A.J.

      I think they have changed the formula now and not all the polishes smell bad :) Which is good!! Sad that your fav is sold out tho :(

  4. Ada

    I have tinker (dark charcoal) and it's very nice, but this smell… (that's how I found this page;p)

  5. Jasmine

    At my poundland they only have jess glitters and i must say im amazed!

    • A.J.

      Oh I hope they'll get all the colours in soon- we had like a big stand with glitters and shimmers and even duo chrome finishes!

  6. Jessica Walker

    I have just discovered the polishes and firstly decided to buy them because of the name lol and the price being cheaper than “Jessica” polishes. I am amazed!! I bought 3, a deep red, bronze glitter and a bronze colour for under the glitter one. I haven’t noticed a smell, they last for quite a while and I was that impressed I went back to Poundland and bought another 3, a glossy top coat, a bright red and black. These are now my new favourite polishes! I haven’t tried the opaque ones you have though, but I can’t recommend these enough for the price and volume!

    • A.J.

      The name is just perfect! :D I am glad you like them, I agree these are great polishes- especially for the price!

  7. Christine Knight

    I have bought a few of these Jess nail polishes and I must say they are superb! That’s on texture, price and stay-on length. On comparison, the £18 varnishes chip on the 2nd day and do not stay on as long not to mention a designer brand that has not even acknowledged a response for the price they charged me for the varnishes – never again!! Jess, stay similarly priced and keep the range going – most of us will then not have to touch the designer brands! Thanks.

    • A.J.

      Hi Christine, lovely to hear about your great experience with Jess polishes!

  8. katynolan

    Absolutely love jess nail polish, its such a good brand I would never buy another brand now I’ve found jess I have bought every colour so far also met a women today whilst looking for the new seasons colours whom told me there out in the next couple of week really excited for these some very exciting colours to come! Yay! Love jess nail polish!

    • A.J.

      Hehe so glad to see happy polish lovers, I should get some more colours- I've seen the glitters- they look lush I think I'm gonna try some next time :)

  9. katynolan

    Also do you have a facebook page so I can share and like and help expand your buisness cause I know many women what would love these nail polishes just need a way to spread the word like a facebook page x

    • A.J.

      Thanks Katy- it's not my business however I just reviewed the polishes :)

  10. Sharon

    I’ve always seen these at the check out and thought what the heck today and bought one- what cheaper way to try out new colours! I’m an opaque white, nude, and purple black kinda gal. Bought it in Hot Pink of which I applied 2 coats, along with the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat- it definitely needs a top coat as it dries slightly matt. I keep natural nails so will be interested to see how long it lasts!! I’m a bit of a stickler for chips and though not ideal am used to doing my nails every few days.

    • A.J.

      That\’s lovely!! Hope they last on you :D

  11. megan

    jess is one of my favorite brands of nail polish because of the price and the selection

    my favorite is breathless layer it of pink or white it looks incredible

    • A.J.

      Yay! Just seen some new glitter ones in my local poundland yesterday- might get some next time I pop in :D

  12. Carol

    I bought Celebration and love it. Topaz and Secret Crush are not as good but it lasts for days once you put a top coat on. I love the smell of nail polish and this is no different. I intend buying more especially the Pixie and Breathless. Brilliant

    • A.J.

      Great! I heard they changed the formula and the polishes doesn\’t have a bad smell any more which is great!

  13. Carol

    I bought the Pixie and I wish it was as good as urs was! I loved yours but mine is very green not that I mind but yours looked amazing.

    • A.J.

      Aww shame- they must have changed the formula or something- I got mine quite a while ago.

  14. Wendy

    Just found these and have Fresh which is a really pretty glitter one. Will def be buying more, they are great value.

    • A.J.

      They are indeed, I have been planning to get more too!

  15. Stacie

    I have use jess nail polish and the only thing I don’t like other than the smell is the glitter polishers take a very long time to dry and they are also very tacky when applied they leave a spider web like effect as you remove the brush from your nails.

    But there is some amazing colours I have a few in my collection as I do use a lot of nail polishers

    • A.J.

      Oh yeah, I think like an extra layer of top coat might help with that issue but I haven\’t tried many of the glitters tbh :)

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