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Stamped gradient nail art

I decided to create this bright stamped gradient nail art to say goodbye to the summer. I have been wearing a lot of neon manicures this summer and been loving it.

Nothing cheers me up more than having a nice bright manicure.

gradient-nail-art (4)

For this look I used three Color Club polishes: Bell Bottom Babe, Wahrol and Wham! Pow!

I received Bell Bottom Babe this morning with some other holographic Color Club polishes (I will swatch them when I have the full collection together). It was only £3 so not too expensive. It has a lovely pink pearl finish.



Wahrol and Wham! Pow! have been in my collection for years now. I think I got them from TK Maxx back when they sold Color Club collections for £7.99. Good times!

gradient-nail-art (1)

I topped the gradient with flower stamps from MoYou Nails (review here). I also used MoYou Nails black stamping polish (review here).

I didn’t apply top coat over the stamping because I quite liked the rubbery finish.

gradient-nail-art (6)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Naily Mail

    Beautiful! <3 I love brights and neons too. I'm not looking forward to wearing darker colours through autumn and winter :(

    • A.J.

      Indeed, I hope we can get away with some bright manicures in the winter as well :D

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