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Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Overcoat

I went to Superdrug today and found an amazing polish! It’s gemstone overcoat from Andrea Fulerton. It is very similar to Essie Hhine of the times and I have been dreaming of getting shine of times for ages but last time I checked it was £13 something plus £5 pounds postage in eBay… :( This price is just TOTALLY out of my league, being an unemployed student and all. I am happy to say that the gemstone overcoat was on sale and I paid £3.99 for it. It looks very shimmery and beautiful on my nails, unfortunately it’s dark here and it’s impossible to get the shimmer on camera with artificial light.

20130226-Nails-8192 20130226-Nails-8200-2 20130226-Nails-8202

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