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China Glaze Flirty Tankini swatches and review

Hello! A late night post today with China Glaze Flirty Tankini swatches and review. During my latest shopping spree at TK Maxx I found this beautiful peachy Gina Glaze for only £2.99. I just HAD to have it regardless of owning quite a few pink China Glaze’s already. But I swear they all are DIFFERENT!

China Glaze Flirty Tankini swatches and review

Flirty Tankini is a peachy pink polish with shimmer and semi-matte finish. It’s from the China Glaze’s Summer Neons 2012 Collection.

On the swatches I am wearing three coats with no top coat. The application of this polish was rather difficult, the formula had zero self levelling abilities and the finish was quite streaky. I am also not a big fan of the somewhat thin brushes China Glaze polishes have. The drying time was also slowish so overall applying this polish was an unpleasant experience.

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (1)

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (2)

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (8)

Applying top coat helped the overall appearance a little but there were still some noticeable streaks on some of my nails.

On a positive note I really loved the colour of this polish so there’s at least one positive aspect to it :)

Overall I’d give this polish 2 out of 10. Two because the colour and the fact that on a good day this polish might look okay under a good top coat.

Regardless of being unhappy with Flirty Tankini I decided to go ahead and apply some nail art instead of taking it off and forgetting about it.

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (4)

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (6)

I created the white flowers using Reeves Acrylic paint in Titanium White mixed with water and Kolisnky size 2 nail art brush. As of technique I used exactly the same motion to draw the petals as in yesterday’s flower tutorial. I’ll still add a quick video tutorial to my Instagram to show you how easy it was :)

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (9)

China-Glaze-Flirty-Tankini-swatches-and-review (5)

On my accent nail I am wearing Maybelline Color Show in Knitted Gold.

Thanks for checking out my China Glaze Flirty Tankini swatches and review xxx

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