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Ciate Espadrilles nail polish swatches

Hello and happy Monday!!! I am welcoming Monday with Ciate Espadrilles nail polish swatches and review. I got this polish from a small nail polish stall in Metrocentre for £2.99. The stall is one of my fave polish bargain places, if you live in the North East England area and love nail polish you should most definitely check it out. I stop there every time I am visiting Metrocentre and usually leave with a smile on my face, new polishes in my bag and no cash in my purse :D

Ciate Espadrilles nail polish swatches

Espadrilles is a firey copper shimmer polish in a dark red jelly base. On the swatches I am wearing two coats of polish with Poshe top coat. The polish has a nice semi-flat brush which made the application very easy. I am amazed with the gorgeous molten copper glow the shimmer has. Whereas this polish is rather amazing on it’s own I think it would look pretty awesome layered over black too.

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (8)

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (9)

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (5)

I am not sure when this polish was released but I am surprised that there aren’t many swatches of it out there. Considering how beautiful it is I’d imagined it to be more popular than it seems to be :/ Seriously it’s so pretty, a must have for anyone who loves copper red polishes!!

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (3)

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (10)

ciate-espadrilles-nail-polish-swatches (1)

Thanks for checking out my Ciate Espadrilles nail polish swatches and review. xoxox

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