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Color blocking nail art, not Pepsi advertisement

Hello friends,

Last weekend I did my first attempt at color blocking nail art and it turned out quite cool, however I chose boring colors such as black, white and gray. This time I decided to use more fun and brighter colors and went for red and two shades of blue. You can see my colorful attempt here:

color blocking nail art image
Color blocking nail art.

For this look I used Sinful Colors Snow me white as a base (except pinky and index finger), Color Club Evolution (pinky), Color Club Chelsea girl, Color Club Sky high (index finger) and Sally Hansen Flame creme (middle finger).
color blocking nail art image

After a while I started to see Pepsi logo in my nails, although Pepsi colors are red, blue and white. Sorry Pepsi I didn’t mean to copy your logo :P

color blocking nail art image

Thanks for reading, maybe I will do Coca Cola nails for tomorrow! (Probably not lol).

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