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Colorful penguin nails

Hello and Welcome! This is a new blog I started and it’s all about NAILS. I love nail art and I am painting my nails as often as possible. In this blog I will demonstrate my nail art and if requested, tutorials. I am totally up to making tutorials on request and open to create your chosen designs on my nails. As you see I have very short nails, it’s mostly because of hygiene. Not saying that you lovely ladies with long nails are unhygienic or anything, but just me with long nails washes hands so often that it seems like an OCD obsession. Therefore I have chosen to keep my nails short and to design nail art suitable for short nails. I do enjoy looking the beautiful compositions long nails fit, so don’t be surprised if I’m following your blog :)

Here is my first nail art, cute colorful penguins. I used mostly Sally Hansen varnishes, as you can see from the second photo.

Colorful penguin nails image
Colorful penguin nails image

Have you designed cute penguins yet? Please feel free to leave link comments, I would love to see your work too!

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