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Colour Alike Winter stamping set

Months ago I ordered the Colour Alike Winter stamping set but never got around to show, or even use the polishes. Which is a shame as now I feel the colours won’t be used until after summer as I prefer wearing lighter and brighter colours during spring and summer. However, I thought since I have them, it’s worth showing you how they stamp.

Colour Alike Winter stamping set

colour-alike-winter-stamping-set (2)

The set consist of three darker metallic colours, two blues and a red called Aurora, Holy Night and Rudolph.

Aurora is a bright turquoise blue stamping polish with metallic finish.

Holy Night  is a dark denim blue stamping polish with metallic finish.

Rudolph is a dark red stamping polish with metallic finish.

Below you can see that the quality of the polishes for stamping is immaculate. One of the best stamping polishes out there. And they smell lush!

The only reason there are a few holes in the Rudolp swatch is that I used some crappy gel polish top coat that I only use for swatches. It didn’t cure properly and when I went to remove the tacky layer, some bits of the stamping got wiped off as well :( And this is why I would never use gel polish that costs £2 on ebay on my actual nails.

Colour Alike Winter stamping set

My favourite from the three is Aurora as it’s so beautiful and bright, however, it’s very similar to Raindrop from the Let’s Fall in Love stamping collection (swatch here). I do like Aurora over Raindrop as it’s brighter, if you are deciding between the two, I would go for Aurora. I don’t think owning both is necessary as they are very similar.

You can check out my other Colour Alike reviews here. I purchased the set from Colour Alike website here.

Thanks for checking out my Colour Alike Winter stamping set review :)

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