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50’s diner themed nails


I am taking part of the She who does nail art Facebook group challenge and this week’s theme is the 50’s. Being born much much later than the 50’s, I don’t have any experience of how life was back then. However, I have been in places, still very similar looking as in the 50’s, American diners.

Diner/ Photography by Ariadna Bach.

Most traditional diners have checkered floors, a jukebox and delicious food. I can’t put any delicious food on my nails but I can put some checkered patterns, jukebox and imaginary music. Here they are:

50s themed nails image
50’s diner themed nails.
50s themed nails image
50s themed nails image

I used too many polishes to list, however if you see a color you really fancy feel free to ask and I’ll give you the name. I am not sure how “real” the jukebox looks lol, but it was really fun to create so I think it was worth a try.

I am excited to see what other nail artists created for their 50’s look, check them out below:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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