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Cut out style nails.

Hi all,

I’m glad that you have found me at my new url address :)

We have all seen the cool cut out dresses that are in fashion at the moment, I decided to put the cut out effect on my nails.

 Essie Off the Shoulder

I am a bit unhappy with the obvious yellowish tone on my natural nail but overall I think it looks very cool, I should of used striping tape for cleaner lines but I don’t even have striping tape tbh. However, I just ordered some today! And a super cute stamping plate, cant wait to show which one it is :P Not sure if you know, but nail art supplier Born Pretty Store has a $0.99 sale for 72h and I got each item for just £0.67- if this is not a bargain I don’t know what is :)

This banner will take you right to the sale page:

TML91 is my 10% off code, however it doesn’t work with the sale items :( You could still use it, just to let them know you got the information from me ;) When enough people will enter my code I can host a $20 giveaway!!!

Thanks for reading, have a good FRIDAY! :))

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