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Easy one stroke nail art

Hello! Today I’ve got an easy one stroke nail art tutorial to show you [emoji kissing cat face with closed eyes].

I have a love and hate relationship with one stroke nail art. On some (rare) days I can create some lovely looks using this technique and on others, I can’t even paint one line. So yesterday I happened to have one of those ‘good’ days and I managed to paint a pretty decent flower.  I even managed to capture it all on a film and turned it into a 15 sec tutorial.

easy-one-stroke-nail-art (5)

For this look I used Claire’s Cosmetics ‘Magical Unicorn’ glitter polish as a base. The polish is a dense lilac holographic glitter polish, fully opaque in just 2 coats.

easy-one-stroke-nail-art (3)

As of the paints I used Naio ‘Eggplant Paint’. This particular acrylic paint was really good for one stroke but overall I have found Naio paints to be on and off, some are great, others not so. But they were only like £0.50 each (sale price) so who cares.

easy-one-stroke-nail-art (1)

I also used Reeves Titanium White, it’s a good acrylic paint for nail art but I am in the search of something even better.

And the brush I used was Mosaic #4 one stroke brush.

Hope the short video was clear enough :)

Thanks fr reading and watching [emoji cat face with wry smile]!!

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