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Essie You do Blue

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Due to me forgetting that it was Bank Holiday yesterday, I painted my nails blue today using Essie You do Blue thinking that it was going to be a very blue Monday. But it is Tuesday already so I shouldn’t complain.

Essie You do Blue review

You do Blue is a new-ish addition to Essie family. It is a periwinkle blue nail polish, with violet shimmer finish. I love blue and violet combinations. Also, the gorgeous product photos on ASOS website and a reduced price (£6.00) made it just impossible NOT to buy this (I purchased it before the news about poor practices on their behalf in protecting their staff form Covid-19). Admittedly, it looks like it is out of stock now anyway.

It took three coats of polish to achieve perfect opacity. Although it was advertised as a shimmer polish, I would describe it more like a pearl finish polish. Unlike your usual shimmers, this polish has a very gentle pearl finish, especially when looked at form a normal eye distance.

Furthermore, the shimmer was very difficult for me to photograph. I noticed that he shimmer is not evident at all under a false light. Under natural light, it is there, but not as evident as I would like. Thus I have also taken a close up photo and a video, both in direct sunlight, to tease out the shimmer.

In spite of the shimmer being very subtle, I love the periwinkle colour of the polish. The polish dries into a semi-matte finish. For this reason I would recommend to use a glossy top coat. I am wearing a top coat on the swatch photos.

Last but not least, this polish lasted very well for about a week. I wore it after I got it and therefore feel confident in my longevity test.

Essie You do Blue in artificial light.

Direct sunlight.

To conclude, meh-ish. I think I just had very high hopes. It is a lovely sister to an iconic Essie polish called Bikini so Teeny (my swatches here – WARNING! this post is from 2013 lol).

I hope you enjoyed my swatches! Thanks for reading xxxx

Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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