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Flower nail foils

Hello! I have a rather unusual post for you today. I’m showing you a bit of nail art! Well… not quite real nail art because it is nail foil. But, it kinda goes under nail art I think.

I was browsing my good old buddy AliExpress some time ago. I came across these cute looking nail foils and I thought that I haven’t played with foils for a while.

Then, after the foils arrived they obviously sat in the drawer for a while. It wasn’t until the other day when I wanted something a bit more then plain colour on my nails, but wasn’t really feeling doing freehand nail art.

It has been a while since I applied foils and I realised that my foil top coat had turned into a gloopy mess. I ended up putting a normal fast dry top coat on the nails and it actually worked!! I think it’s only the metallic type of nail foils that need a different (water based if I remember correctly) top coat. So that was really a good surprise and I’m more likely to wear foils now that I know I can use my usual top coat.

Under the foils I’m wearing my own white polish called Mia.

On my other nails I’m wearing OPI A Woman’s Prague-Ative. It is from the 2013 Euro Centrale collection. I think it’s just a perfect autum colour.

Thanks for reading xxx

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