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Flowers, flowers, flowers

I have to start today’s blog post with another apology- I am so sorry for posting flowers AGAIN. I am stuck in a creative mind-block and all I can create right now is flowers. Unfortunately. Or happily if you like flowers!! Well I don’t any more but they seem to find a way to sneak on my nails. Just survive this time with me an I will be back better and bigger soon :)

flowers-flowers-flowers (11)


flowers-flowers-flowers (2)

For the look I used Dance Legend Holy Diver (swatches here) as the base. I then used the two colour flower technique (tutorial here), acrylic paints and size 2 Kolinsky brush to draw the flowers.

In the centre of the flowers I applied some gold colour caviar beads. I rarely use 3D elements in my nail art creations as they tend to fall off (or get picked off by someone) very easily. This time however, I used a tip I’ve red from several nail professional forums/pages and applied the caviar beads into a little drop of L&P (acrylic). It really did work out well as none of the beads fell off during the three days I was wearing this look. I do deserve a little slap on the wrist however, as I was a little inpatient when removing (soaking) the beads off. I┬ádamaged my pinky nail a bit after picking the beads off instead of waiting it to soak off properly. So here is a little reminder to everyone to be patient and careful when removing L&P as it’s quite easy to create damage to the natural nail. And it’s the bad removal that causes the damage, not the product itself! But we live and learn :)

flowers-flowers-flowers (13)

flowers-flowers-flowers (12)

flowers-flowers-flowers (10)


Thanks for reading! :) xxx

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