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Galaxy nail art

Good morning and happy Saturday! I made some Galaxy nail art to celebrate my new polish called Galaxy.

Galaxy-nail-art (11)

Unfortunately I went a bit overboard with the Galaxy effect and it almost hides my fab polish but here are some better swathes without nail art.

Galaxy-nail-art (7) Galaxy-nail-art (8)

It’s hard to describe this polish, it’s pretty much a dark purple with slight green undertones and some subtle orange flakes. Pretty cool, right!? I am wearing three coats with Poshe top coat on the swatches. I named it Galaxy because it looks like a tiny galaxy in the bottle.

Galaxy-nail-art (10) Galaxy-nail-art (9)

You can find this polish in my Etsy shop, there’s also a wee sale going on to celebrate me being back in business. I have also taken advice from the fans and all the new polishes, such as this one, will be available in bigger quantities.

Galaxy-nail-art (12) Galaxy-nail-art (13)

For the nail art I used white acrylic paint and four different polishes- Essie Aruba Blue, Essie Tour The Finance, OPI Diva of Geveva and Color Club Pearl District . I love how the flakes shine trough the nail art, it is very subtle, one can only see it very close.

Galaxy-nail-art (2) Galaxy-nail-art (3)

I love my Galaxy nail art but I received the last bits of Christmas presents today- 3 Color Club Holos and 2 Zoyas (my first!) and I just have to try them all ASAP!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

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