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GlamLac Lilac Pearl & Purple Night swatches

Hello! I back and I am here with GlamLac Lilac Pearl & Purple Night swatches.

GlamLac Lilac Pearl

Lilac Pearl is a purple polish with shimmer finish. On the swatches I am wearing two coats with top coat. This polish was really easy to apply, I could not ask for a better formula. In addition, it’s very opaque and dries fast. It has a beautiful purple shade, I like the shimmer finish- it’s not too intense but pretty and delicate instead.

20140426-GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (2)

20140426-GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (3)

20140530-20140426-GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (4)

GlamLac Purple Night

Purple Night is a dark red-violet polish with shimmer finish. On the swatches I am wearing two coats with top coat. This polish is very similar to Lilac Pearl- application and finish wise. It is a sexy vampy colour, really beautiful.

GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (7)

GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (6)

GlamLac-Lilac-Pearl-&-Purple-Night-swatches (5)

GlamLac polishes are available at The Nail & Beauty Link and each polish retails for just £4.20.

Thanks for checking out my GlamLac Lilac Pearl & Purple Night swatches xoxox.


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