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H&M Candyfloss

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am showing you my very first H&M nail polish. The polish I have chosen is H&M Candyfloss.

H&M has released (fair few years ago now) a very large selection of nail polishes with a great variety of colours. In spite of admiring the polishes almost every time I have visited the shop, I have never purchased one.

The polishes usually retail at £3.99 which I believe is a reasonable price. H&M Candyfloss was on sale and I got it from their website for £2. Admittedly, now that I am blogging about it, it is out of stock. Whereas this is very unfortunate, hopefully it will be back in stock at one point.

Candyfloss is a sheer pink polish with a vibrant green shimmer/pearl finish. For the most part, the polish is very sheer. It took three coats of the polish on it’s own to build up some opacity. Nevertheless, the shade it builds up to is gorgeous. In spite of needing three coats, I think the overall look makes it worth it.

While the polish looks fairly pink on the bottle, the pink does not transition on the nail too much. Despite this, the green shimmer (transitioning to a peach shimmer in some angles) is very vibrant (even more vibrant than the swatches under artificial light demonstrate).

Because if the sheer finish of the polish, I decided to see how it would look over a darker base colour. On the swatch below I am wearing two coats over a black polish. The results were stunning!

Overall this is a great nail polish with a beautiful finish, with and without a base colour. Furthermore, the price and beauty rate is very good.

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Nail Lacquer UK rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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