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Holiday polish haul

Hello! I hope that your week has started great, mine has been too busy :( However, I am excited to show you my holiday polish haul. I came back with a lot of polishes :P In addition to the polishes I purchased myself I was lucky enough to visit an actual nail polish company and was kindly offered a lot of polish to feature in my blog!!! In addition, I will be stepping in the world of gel polish and there will be some gel polish swatches coming soon ;) Anyway, we’ll talk about these polishes some other time. Let’s see what I am showing you today…

holiday-polish-haul (7)

holiday-polish-haul (8)

Above are Nfu-Oh 63 (holo), 37 (shimmer flakie), 39¬†(flakie), 53 (flakie), 51 (shimmer flakie), and 58 (flakie). So far I have only tried number 51 and can say it’s amazing, very similar to Clarnis 230 but with flakes in addition to the fiery shimmer. The pink holo ( nr 63) looks slightly disappointing, not as holographic I was hoping it to be. Others seem quite nice but I will need to swatch them to give a proper opinion. Overall I am feeling lucky that I had the chance to get a few of the flakies as they are discontinued now. I can see 51 becoming an unicorn pee- it’s truly gorgeous!!! I will try to post swatches soon ;)

holiday-polish-haul (6)

This is a present from my friends, I love glitters and have seen many drool-worthy photos of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes. From Right to left: Lady Luck, Blingtastic, Be-Jeweled. I am wearing¬†Lady Luck at the moment, it’s so sparkly!

holiday-polish-haul (9)

Not sure why I got these two, the unbranded Nails Concrete one seems to be textured teal polish with tiny white glitter. The Manhattan Aqua Sky polish just looked pretty in the shop, not too familiar with the brand and have a feeling that this one might be too sheer for my satisfaction.

holiday-polish-haul (10)

Mosaic nail art brushes!!! Six of them are for one stroke nail art so prepare yourself for some awesome one stroke nail designs ;)

holiday-polish-haul (12)

These four polishes are from my Estonian polish stash. The one on the left is probably over 10 years old :D Others are about fiveish years, the blue glitter used to be one of my most favourite polishes! Can’t wait to wear it again :)

Thanks for checking out my Holiday polish haul, let me know what you think!?! xoxox


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