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Jessica Nails Tea Party Collection swatches and review

Hello and happy Friday! I have Jessica Nails Tea Party Collection swatches and review to show you today. Tea Party is the Spring 2019 collection by Jessica Nails. The collection consists of six spring and appropriate colours.

Jessica Nails Tea Party Collection review

On the swatches I am wearing two coats of all polishes with the exception of Lavender Love which needed three coats for me. Formula wise the polishes applied beautifully. I was impressed how well the polishes self levelled considering the light colours.

Jessica Nails Blueberry Cream

Blueberry Cream is a pale blue polish with creme finish. I love this polish because it is not your typical light blue polish. It really feels very ‘natural’ blue if that makes sense, something you’d see in the sky on a no too bright day.

Jessica Nails Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is a pale, but bright coral pink polish with creme finish. This is a beautiful calm bleached neon type of polish.

Jessica Nails Yellow Meringue

Yellow Meringue is a pale yellow polish with creme finish. This is a very pale yellow polish. Can’t say I love the colour if I am honest, but it may just be me.

Jessica Nails Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a pale grey polish with creme finish. I love, love this shade of grey. it also has such a beautiful formula and a very squishy finish. 10 out of 10, would wear again.

Jessica Nails Love You Very Matcha!

Love You Very Matcha! is a pale mint green polish with creme finish. A couple of years back bright mint green used to be a very desired polish, but I feel that there has been a massive shift in the colours and finishes that are desired now and I feel that this is a ‘mint green’ that is in now. It has this squishy almost creme like feel and the shade is just so beautiful with a hint of duskiness.

Jessica Nails Lavender Love

Lavender Love is a dusky lilac polish with creme finish. This was the only polish that took three coats for an opaque finish which was a bit of a bummer. Colour wise I don’t particularly love the dusky lilac colour as much as I love the mint and the grey, but I could definitely whip up some spring nail art with this polish.

Overall I found this collection really lovely. I wouldn’t say each and every polish is a must have, but the dusky finish sure does make some of the shades very unique and desirable. I could definitely see myself doing some feminine and mature nail looks with these six beauties.

You can purchase Jessica Nails Tea Party Collection and many more Jessica Nails polishes via this link here.

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