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Lot’s of new Essies and a brand new polish rack.

Hi all, I have had a great Bank Holiday weekend so far and gladly there is one more day left! Yesterday I went to the small make up stall in Eldon Square (Newcastle u Tyne), I red about it from Vicky’s blog. She wrote a post about gorgeous Essie polishes and told about a store selling them with only £1.99, YES just £1.99. I went over there as soon as I had the opportunity and got 6 polishes! Here’s a picture of my new babies :)

Left to right: Navigate her, Bikini so teeny, To buy or not to buy, Cascade cool, We’re in it together, Off the shoulder.
In addition to the new polish, I felt that I would need a polish rack and decided to build one. You can see the final product here.

It’s so similar with the color of the wall that you can barely see it lol. Anyway, it was very simple as I just built a shelf and painted it. I didn’t add background to the shelf as I was planning to put it on the table, against the wall. It would not be able to hold the polishes just hanging from the wall, moreover, it would not be able to just stand on the table on it’s own either, I had to connect it to the wall to make sure it’s steady. I found it out the hard way lol. However, I am pretty happy with it and I paid less than £15 in total for the supplies so I can’t complain.
And here is my stained glass nails I made using all of my new Essie polishes.
Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

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