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Milk bath nails

Hello! I think milk bath nails are quite 2019, but I just couldn’t resist doing a look using some nail foils after I got the famous Picture Polish Revolution foil top coat a couple of months ago. Truth to be told, the top coat is excellent for foil manicures (I haven’t even used it for it’s original purpose -as a base coat for glitter polishes as of yet). However, I have noticed that the non-metallic foils tend to be fine with your normal top coats.

On top of the foils I am wearing one layer of Nail Lacquer UK Mia* nail polish. Mia is not the most sheer polish, but feels just right to me in order to create a sheer, but not patchy milky layer. I have actually been using Mia instead of fully opaque white polish for nail art looks more recently. I currently quire prefer the squashy/jelly look over bright white opaque look.

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