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Models Own Strawberry Tart

Hello! Where did the weekend go!?! It feels as I just sat down enjoying Friday evening and suddenly it’s Sunday night! I wish there would be some kind of slow down button I could press to make the weekends to last longer :D Tonight I’ve given myself a lovely pink manicure using Models Own Strawberry Tart, Dark Metal Lacquer Flashy Sparkles and rose water decals.

Models-own-strawberry-tart (6)

Models-own-strawberry-tart (4)

Models Own Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart is a warm-toned light pink strawberry scented polish with creme finish. On the photos I am wearing three coats with Poshe top coat. The formula is not the best, it took three coats to achieve opacity and even with three coats there are a few lighter patches which I am not happy about. The scent however is lovely and so is the warm pink colour.

I rate it about 4 because I really love the scent and colour but not keen on the formula and longish drying time.

Models-own-strawberry-tart (7)

Models-own-strawberry-tart (2)

On my pinky fingers I am wearing Dark Metal Lacquer Flashy Sparkles which is my to go gold glitter polish. The glitter density is just fab, so is the formula and the gorgeous holographic finish. 11 out of 10!

The rose water decals were a bargain from Aliexpress, the only downside with the decals is that they are quite small and the biggest one (meant to be used on thumb nails) was the only one to fit my ring nail (well actually it was still a bit too short but never mind lol). In addition, some of the decals from the lot looked quite rubbish and I will probably never going to wear them but considering I only paid £3.70 for 50 I really shouldn’t complain.

Models-own-strawberry-tart (3)

Models-own-strawberry-tart (1)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my post :) xxx

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