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Moyra Maharaja

Hello! It was my birthday last week and I spoiled myself with 8 Moyra stamping plates from Rainbow Connection. I will probably post a proper in depth review over the weekend, I will have some good and some bad things to say about these plates. However, here is my first look I did last night. I used the Maharaja (means Indian prince if anyone wonders) plate, Colour Alike Golden Queen (swatch here) and Cirque Colors Empire State of Mind (swatch here) as a base.

moyra-maharaja (3)

moyra-maharaja (4)

Look at that crisp stamping image, LOVE it!

moyra-maharaja (1)

I know the stamping image isn’t looking great on the accent finger but I love the red French tip, it makes my nail look so slim and feminine.

moyra-maharaja (7)

Thanks for reading!

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