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MUA Bold Blue review

Hey, I’m here with another MUA nail polish swatch AND another nail polish bought from Estonia. So today I have a MUA Bold Blue review for you guys, you probably saw my MUA Pistachio Ice Cream review yesterday, if not, feel free to check it out later ;)

MUA Bold Blue Swatch (5) MUA- Bold Blue.

MUA Bold Blue is a beautiful sky blue polish. You see this blue in the sky on a clear sunny day, unfortunately these days are a rare thing here in England, that is why we need the charming blue on our nails :D Truly amazed with the color of the polish, however not so satisfied with the sheer finish. I used two coats and there is still some visible nail line, I would prefer not to have it, I guess I could just throw 3 coats of polish on next time.

MUA Bold Blue Swatch (6)

The polish was really easy to apply and dried well. I really adore this polish and wish I could have a bigger bottle. The 6 ml bottle costs only £1 and you can find it in your local Superdrug or online at Superdrug and MUA websites. To conclude my experience with the new MUA nail polishes, I would say that I am looking forward to buying some more as the colors look wonderful, price looks budget friendly and the quality seems fair.

MUA Bold Blue Swatch (1)Buk- Nr 2171 284713.

Here is a little sample look on my accent finger of the Buk polish I got while in Estonia. Again, as most of the unknown brands, the polishes are un-named. This one had a barely readable Nr 2171  284713 on the back of the bottle, I assume that’s the name of the polish :D I have never heard of Buk nail polish before but there was a wide selection of colors in the store. Most of the colors were rather unappealing to me, boring red/pink/brown colors that had this old-school shimmer in that I dislike. This polish is exactly the color of bluebottle (the little blue fly).  It is a glass fleck shimmer polish with surprisingly opaque finish for 2 coats of polish. Another surprise with this polish was the quick drying time, within just few minutes the polish was totally dry, I didn’t even need to apply fast dry topcoat. However, I decided to play around with my Rimmel Pro Matte Finish top coat and here are the results:

MUA Bold Blue Swatch (3)

I totally fell in love with this manicure after adding matte top coat! I love how the shimmer still has this shy glow under the smooth matte finish.

MUA Bold Blue Swatch (4)

Thanks for reading my MUA Bold Blue review with some additional tweaks, I hope it’s been as much fun to read as it was to create :)

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