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Nail art and Jessica Nails at Home update

Hello! Today I have some nail art and Jessica Nails at Home update for you. If you remember, I was trying out some Jessica nail care items a couple of weeks ago and wanted to give you an update about the products. You can see my initial post here.

Since my first post, I have been using Jessica Critical Care on my fingernails and Jessica Rejuvenation on my toenails. Not to worry – I am not posting any photos of my toes!

Critical Care is a product for soft, weak and peeling nails that take a long time to grow. I would say my nails grow fairly fast, but do tend to get a bit soft and peel at times as I do a fair bit of housework (with gloves) and gardening. Critical Care has been an excellent base coat. It is thicker than Nail Envy on application, however, it dries as fast. I find that the nails that have peeled at the ends (my middle nails are prone to peeling as I knock them all the time when doing housework) feel stronger. This is the main difference I noticed. I usually wear one nail look for about six days to a week and so far the base coats has held really well with no peeling or anything like that.

I did cut my nails short just last week, not particularly because of any breakages, but I just really fancied a change. I don’t know what happened, but last week I just felt that the almond look is so yesterday. Anyhow, as of breakages, I wouldn’t say that using the combination of the Jessica polishes I felt more protected from breaking my nails compared to using my usual base and top coat.

Rejuvenation is a basecoat for nails that are dry, have a powdery finish, strong ridges or white spots and they may also peel. I have been using this on my toe nails. I feel it has been a good base coat to prevent peeling, but I haven’t had long enough to see if my nails were less dry.

Now, to the top coats! Top Priority is meant to help the nail polish to last longer. However, the product instruction does advise you to use it under Jessica Brilliance top coat. So, the idea is that the combination of the two would make the polish last longer.

I have been using the combination of the two for over the past couple of weeks on my fingernails and toenails and I can confirm that the combination really does provide a very beautiful glossy look and lasts at least a week (and at least 3 weeks on the toes!!).

Here’s the before photos.

And here’s the 6 day update. There is actually considerable nail growth there after 6 days.

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