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Nail Art Template

Hey friends! Tonight I have something special for you- a downloadable nail art template! I drew this template to practice nail art on. There were two reasons why I needed a nail art template: a) to get my nail art sizes right (the nails on the template are the exact size as my real nails :P) and b) to draw out how the opposite hand should look (a mistake I constantly make is that the nail art on my right hand looks exactly the same as on my left whereas it should be a reflection.

nail-art-template (1)

The downloadable nail art template comes with two sets of nails- almond shaped as mine and square shaped as most of other people I know :) There are also two positions with each shape- a claw position and two rows of nails position.

nail-art-template (4)

I found it quite fun to doodle around without polish for a change :P

Here is how it looks:

nail-art-template1 nail-art-template-2 nail-art-template-3 nail-art-template-4 nail-art-template-5



I have also added oval nails in the book!


You can download the nail art template as pdf below.

Nail art template

Let me know what you think!! xoxox


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