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Nail blog planner

Hey friends! I have no nail pictures to show you tonight but instead I have put together a nail blog planner. It is a printable planner that will help you to plan your blog posts, nail polish press samples/purchases/lemmings and reviews. I created the planner because I really needed something to track my blog related stuff. With the amount of swatching I do I just can not remember all the details of each polish and more recently have had to redo some of my swatches to remind me of how many coats until opaque etc. Anyway, a nail blog planner seemed to be something I needed and instead of keeping it only for myself I decided to share it with my blogging friends :)


You can see the preview of the nail blog planner below and you can download the whole NAIL BLOG PLANNER (total of six pages). I would love to hear what you think of the planner and I am also open to suggestions! Thanks for reading xoxox


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